<p>Mike Muehlenfeld, left, Auto Rental News Executive Chris Brown, center, and Ian Lawrence, right, at the 2018 International Car Rental Show.&nbsp;</p>

Last week, United Rental Group (URG) and Mile Fleet LLC agreed on a deal, which had been negotiated over several months, to become fellow subsidiaries of United Rental Group America Ltd.

Combining the synergies of both Mile Fleet LLC and United Rental Group LLC, in particular offering independent rental businesses fleet leasing deals through URG and fleet purchase deals through Mile Fleet, opens more opportunities for both entities. Both businesses will continue to operate alongside each other and Mike Muehlenfeld will continue in his role as president of Mile Fleet.

"United Rental Group LLC has been operating in USA for three years and has already established itself as a major player in supplying independent rental businesses with short term fleet leasing," said Ian Lawrence, group managing director of parent company United Rental Group Ltd based in the U.K. "It’s great to have Mile Fleet, a long established and well respected business that enables independent rental operators to acquire fleet on preferential terms, in the United family."