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International Car Rental Show

ICRS Experience Day 5: The Hard Part Is Over

The final day examined whether the car rental industry has turned the corner to meet next year’s challenges. The answer is not about the current travel outlook, which still isn’t pretty. It’s about how car rental companies are reacting to meet those conditions.

CIRAS Certification Offered at International Car Rental Show

Presented by Jim Schalberg of Auto Rental Solutions, the Center for International Rental Automotive Standards certification course helps to equip car rental employees with the knowledge and tools needed for success in the car rental industry.

2020 ICRS Announces Closing Keynote

The closing keynote address at the 2020 International Car Rental Show will convene a panel of eight car rental operators who shaped the business as we know it today.

2020 ICRS Keeps Focus on the Customer

The educational agenda at the 2020 International Car Rental Show will help attendees better understand and serve their customers in an increasingly digital and mobile age.

Latin American Meeting Returns to International Car Rental Show

“La Reunión Latinoamericana,” dedicated specifically for operators serving Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, returns to ICRS with seminars on service vs. sales, new mobility models in Latin America, and how artificial intelligence is automating car rental processes.

2020 ICRS: Fleet Expertise More Vital than Ever

The educational agenda at the 2020 International Car Rental Show will deliver best practices in fleet management for today’s operations while demonstrating how fleet expertise can be leveraged in new business models.