The Reach Now apps will offer a range of options for getting from A to B, allowing users to book...

The Reach Now apps will offer a range of options for getting from A to B, allowing users to book and pay directly for public transport and various other mobility options, such as carsharing, ride-hailing, and bike rentals.

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The BMW Group and Daimler AG are pooling their mobility services increasingly provide sustainable urban mobility for customers.

The two companies are investing more than 1 billion euros ($1.13 billion) in total to develop and more closely intermesh their offerings for carsharing, ride-hailing, parking, charging, and multimodal transport. The cooperation comprises five joint ventures: Reach Now for multimodal services, Charge Now for charging, Free Now for taxi ride-hailing, Park Now for parking, and Share Now for carsharing.

The two companies’ mobility services have a wealth of experience and a strong customer base, with a combined total of over 60 million active customers to date. Building on their current product range and robust costumer base in the key regions of Europe and America, the companies plan to grow their global footprint as their existing mobility services combine to form five joint ventures.

Reach Now offers more than 6.7 million users access to a range of mobility services through a single platform. The Reach Now apps will offer a range of options for getting from A to B, allowing users to book and pay directly for public transport and various other mobility options, such as carsharing, ride-hailing and bike rentals. Reach Now will be managed by Daniela Gerd tom Markotten as CEO, with Johannes Prantl as CFO.

Charge Now is a service by Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS), and its comprehensive charging network is a key contributor to zero-emissions driving. Charge Now makes public charge points quick and easy to locate, use and pay for, both at home and abroad.

Digital Charging Solutions GmbH develops simple, standardised access to public charge points for car manufacturers and fleet operators.

With over 100,000 charge points across 25 countries, its white-label solutions are helping OEMs and fleet operators to realize their strategies for electric mobility. Customers benefit from cross-border access to one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing charging networks, with over 250 charge point operators to date.

Park Now makes parking easier, on-street or off. The digital parking service offers users the best possible parking solutions at a glance, allows them to reserve parking slots and manage their parking times, and enables ticketless entry and exit in public garages as well as cashless payment of parking fees. In addition, with the search for parking currently accounting for about 30 percent of the traffic on urban roads, park Now is helping towns and cities to reduce traffic volumes, thereby helping to make city centres cleaner, healthier and more liveable. In Europe and North America over 30 million customers are already using the service in more than 1,100 cities.

Charge Now and Park Now are headed by Jörg Reimann as CEO, with Thomas Menzel as CFO.

Free Now offers a variety of mobility services including taxis, private chauffeurs with rental vehicles and e-scooters. One of the largest ride-hailing services in Europe and Latin America, Free Now already serves more than 21 million customers and over 250,000 drivers, who make a valuable contribution to the reduction of traffic in city centres.

Free Now is headed by Marc Berg as CEO, with Sebastian Hofelich as CFO.

Share Now is a free-floating carsharing service that allows customers to rent and pay for vehicles by smartphone — anytime, anywhere. Its fleet will now be extended to incorporate a wider range of models and increase market coverage. More than 4 million customers in total currently use the fleet’s 20,000 vehicles in 31 cities around the world. Carsharing increases vehicle utilization rates, helping to cut the overall number of cars on the roads in urban areas.

Olivier Reppert has been appointed CEO of Share Now, with Stefan Glebke as CFO.

Reach now, Charge Now, Free Now Park Now, and Share Now represent solutions by the BMW Group and Daimler AG for cities and municipalities seeking to make their traffic more efficient and sustainable. Thanks to their established services, the joint venture group already commands significant resources to support and systematically enhance sustainable urban mobility.

The new mobility portfolio will be easy to access, intuitive to use, and will cater to customers’ needs.

The companies chose Berlin as the base for the organization’s headquarters. A hub of creativity and innovation, the German capital is an attractive location for employees and upcoming talents. The next few years will see up to 1,000 new jobs created worldwide — including in Berlin and Germany. After an initial phase of investment and growth, the new joint venture group will offer attractive profitability, which will be crucial to its success.

Digitalization is a key enabler as it creates new opportunities for individual mobility. Over time, customers will be able to use and experience additional mobility options from all-electric autonomous fleets that are available on demand, charge and park themselves, and connect with other modes of transport beyond road and rail. 

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