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Green Fleets

Green Motion Opens in Toronto

Green Motion has launched its first location in Toronto. The franchise will serve customers at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Green Motion Expands to Serbia

U.K-based car rental company Green Motion has opened a new franchise in Serbia under the Mega Trio Rent brand, which operates at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Green Motion Expands to Latvia

U.K.-based car rental company Green Motion has announced that it will open several locations in the European country of Latvia. The company provides low carbon-dioxide car and van rentals.

City CarShare Releases Annual Report on Carsharing Impact

The nonprofit organization’s report revealed a savings of 85 million fewer pounds of CO2 emissions, 43 million fewer gallons of gasoline used, and 25 million fewer miles driven last year in Northern California due to its car sharing program.

Green Motion Expands to Mexico

The company recently announced its expansion into Mexico and will be offering services at 12 strategic locations throughout the country.