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Sixt Forms New Global Mobility Division

Customers have a central contact at their disposal who creates individually tailored solutions for car rental, leasing, chauffeur service, ride-hailing, and mobility management.

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Sixt Honored with 14 World Travel Awards

The World Travel Awards have been presented to companies in the travel and tourism industry for 25 years recognizing outstanding achievements and commitment.

Sixt Expands at Phoenix International Airport

This opening marks Sixt USA’s fifth grand opening this year alone.

Sixt Appoints Mobility Projects Director

Nico Gabriel joined Sixt in November 2004 and worked as franchise operations manager and business development manager for the Sixt franchisee in Australia.

Sixt Appoints International Sales Directors

Sixt has bundled all of its products – including car rental, ride railing, leasing, fleet management, and supplementary services – with the aim of effectively reducing companies’ mobility costs.

Sixt Expands Presence in Mediterranean, Offers BMW, MINI Exclusively

The entire rental fleet, from sporty convertibles to off-road SUVs, consists exclusively of high-quality equipped vehicles from BMW and MINI — a sign of the close partnership between the strong brands.

6 Takeaways from the 2018 International Car Rental Show

Technological solutions are finally moving from reality to theory, peer-to-peer platforms are being redefined, China has the biggest room for growth, while Sixt’s U.S. aspirations have only just begun.

Is America Ready for Sixt?

The top Sixt executives in the U.S. — Sebastian Birkel and Daniel Florence — open up about human interaction in a digital age, Sixt’s culture, career paths, and how the U.S. could soon be Sixt’s biggest market.

Sixt Records 2017 U.S. Revenue of $395 Million

Erich Sixt: “The USA offers our company enormous growth potential for the coming years.”

Sixt Bundles All Products in Corporate Customer Segment

Car rental, RideHailing, leasing, fleet management, and innovative mobility products, are to be bundled and distributed to corporate customers under unified management.