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Uber Terminates 100 Self-Driving Car Operators

Uber has laid off its self-driving car operators in Pittsburgh, as the company rethinks its autonomous vehicle strategy following the fatal crash in Tempe, Ariz. earlier this year, reports Quartz.

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Researchers Find Gender Pay Gap Among Uber Drivers

Faster driving, experience, and safety were major factors that attributed to earning discrepancies between male and female Uber drivers.

Uber, Careem in Talks to Merge Middle East Operations

According to sources, who declined to be named because the talks are private, the companies have discussed numerous potential deal structures, but haven’t come to a final agreement.

NYC Commission Calls for Ride-Hailing Minimum Wage

Economists from New York City’s New School and the University of California, Berkeley proposed that drivers should be earning $17.22 an hour after expenses, a 22.5% increase based on average pay rates.

Taxis Discriminate More than Ride-Hailing, Study Finds

UCLA's Institute for Transportation Studies analyzed 1,700 Lyft, Uber, and taxi rides to measure wait times and ride cancellations against racial, ethnic, and gender demographics.

DC Council Raises Taxes on Ride-Hailing

Increasing the tax on ride-hailing group’s gross receipts from 1% to 6% is part of the Council’s plan to raise $178.5 million in funding for public transportation — D.C.’s share of the overall $500 million funding effort.

London Officials Grant Uber Probationary License

A London court granted the license after Uber lawyers said the company had made extensive changes to its reporting and screening policies, as well as management.

Uber Driver Streamed 'The Voice' Prior to Fatal Crash

A report from Tempe, Ariz., police concludes that if the driver had not been watching "The Voice" on her phone, the crash would not have occurred.

Honolulu Mayor Vetoes Bill Capping Surge Pricing

The cap on surge pricing would have been the first such law in the country.

Transportation Coalition Launches Partnership to Study Impact of Self-Driving Vehicles

Uber, ATA, Daimler, Toyota, and others have formed a new partnership to study the potential impacts of self-driving vehicles on American workers and the economy.