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vicarious liability

Zipcar Granted Graves Protection

A New York state judge rules that the use of a car in exchange for a fee appears little different from traditional rental companies, even though Zipcar’s marketing statements contrast it with those companies.

Coalition Succeeds in Effort to Stop Repeal of Graves Law

The TRALA, other industry associations, rental companies and vehicle manufacturers formed a diverse coalition, which stood in opposition Congressman Braley’s amendment to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010 to repeal the Graves Law.

Here We Go Again: Graves Amendment Under Attack

A proposed amendment to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2010 would overturn existing law preventing vicarious liability of renting and leasing companies. Industry associations claimed a small victory this week—but it may not be over.

Graves Amendment Under Attack

The legislation that eliminated vicarious liability of owners of rented or leased vehicles has held up in most decisions. However, its constitutionality is being challenged in cases in New York and Florida.