A beta group is testing Joulez's Tesla rentals as the company works to finish its mobile app for...

A beta group is testing Joulez's Tesla rentals as the company works to finish its mobile app for booking.

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With an eye on facilitating the transition to electric vehicles a new EV rental car company, Joulez, has launched.

Joulez is a New York-based web and mobile rental car platform. A Nov. 2 announcement states that the company is looking to create the groundwork for a comprehensive network built around supporting EVs. The company's CEO is Micah Bergdale, a former Apple engineer, Tesla enthusiast, and long-time proponent of EV technology.

“The car rental industry still has yet to catch up with the growing demand for greener transportation,” Bergdale says. “As it stands, EVs only make up about 2% of the cars in the rental industry. We are creating an ecosystem to deploy and support EVs throughout New York City, and ideally North America and around the globe. I am unaware of any company that is looking to start an exclusively EV rental company. The EV industry is primed for major growth, and Joulez is ready to deliver a car rental experience unlike any other.”

The company’s on-demand system will allow customers to book cars through its mobile app or website with support available through Zoom video conference and reservation management interface. Joulez intends to build loyalty with its customers through a rewards program similar to those of top hotel brands and airlines, while bundling charging and offering curbside vehicle delivery as part of its offering.

It will follow the traditional rental car model with daily, weekly, and monthly EV rentals, although Bergdale stresses its differences. “We recognize that renting an EV may take some adjusting for those accustomed to gas cars, and therefore, we are committed to providing our customers with the most user-friendly experience possible,” he said in a statement. 

"Our first rental confirmed the process required from rental car companies that we have never seen before," Bergdale continues. "Drivers who have never driven an EV need an extra level of support including some basic training and reassurance that the vehicle will work well for them. Our service will provide everything the driver needs from the moment they get into the car, including a toll pass (charged back to the customer, based on usage), access to thousands of charging stations (with charging included), delivery and pickup of the vehicle at the customer’s request, and more. Joulez is developing not just an EV rental fleet, but an entire support infrastructure to assist customers along their journey as they discover the power of driving an EV.”

As it gears up for the official launch, the company currently has a beta test group of clients renting Teslas, and it is working to design and develop the mobile app. Joulez will offer rentals at competitive rates for the New York City market with prices ranging from $75-200/day.

Bergdale also noted plans to partner with EV manufacturers, airport authorities, airlines, EV charging companies, cities, and anyone else who wants to facilitate the progress toward an EV future.

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