National Car Rental's State of Business Travel Survey found that most frequent business travelers take time for rest and relaxation during business trips.

According to the survey, 80% of business travelers feel they deserve to take a break from work and make time for themselves during business trips. Yet 38% avoid telling their bosses about fun or personal activities while traveling. Forty percent of workers surveyed do not tell co-workers about travel activities, and 31% refrain from telling their spouses or significant others. 25% of business travelers avoid posting on social media about fun times had while traveling.

Despite workers' secrecy, 92% of surveyed employers and supervisors said they supported their employees taking time out for enjoyment while traveling for business.

National Car Rental's survey also found that successfully balancing work and life on the road is beneficial to traveling employees. Ninety-two percent of business travelers reported feeling satisfied with their quality of life on the road, while 57% reported working more hours. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed say they have more focus when traveling for business. In addition, 40% said they were more efficient on the road and 51% stayed calmer traveling for business compared to their daily lives.