Arizona Bills Look to Redefine Car Rental, Carsharing

Two competing Arizona bills are looking at how to define car rental companies in the era of peer-to-peer rentals.

One bill would define peer-to-peer companies like Turo and Getaround as the same as traditional car rental companies, according to a report by the Arizona Capitol Times.

The other bill from Rep. Travis Grantham refers to Turo and Getaround as carsharing and not renting. He believes that peer-to-peer companies should be in a different category than car rental – similar to how Uber and Lyft are treated differently than taxi cabs.

Sen. David Livingston, who supports the first bill along with car rental companies, told Arizona Capitol Times that it doesn’t matter if people call it carsharing; it’s still considered a rental transaction.

Instead of creating a new meaning for car rental companies, Grantham’s bill develops a new regulatory framework for peer-to-peer carsharing companies in Arizona, according to the report. Grantham’s bill also wouldn’t add any more taxes to carsharing companies in addition to the income taxes on profits renters already owe.

Both Livingston and Grantham believe that insurance requirements for both hosts and renters on peer-to-peer platforms need to be clarified.

Grantham’s bill doesn’t discuss the relationship between airports and carsharing services. He said that it should be left to the local airport officials, according to the report.

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