Kia, Budget Sued After Rental Car Catches Fire

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A family from Oklahoma are suing Kia Motors and Budget Rental Cars after their rented Kia Soul randomly caught fire as they were driving on H3 freeway in Oahu during a trip in June.

According to KITV, a mother and son are recovering from major injuries that occurred during the untimely incident.As the vehicle started to flame up, the brakes stopped working, the mother, Becky Carlton was able to jump out of the vehicle. She suffered burns and brain bleeding. However, her son, Jordan Carlton, who attempted to stop the vehicle, ended up receiving burns on more than 80% of his body.

His father, Robert, has flown to Hawaii as they continue to recover. He told KITV, “you can imagine how horrible it is seeing your son laying in a hospital bed in that condition."

KITV reports that this occurence has been happening frequently with Kia Souls randomly catching fire during operation. In the past, Consumer watchdog groups have identified more than 100 cases of Kias catching fire. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have investigated 2010-2015 Kias and Hyundais. In this case, the vehicle was a 2019 model year.

“There needs to be a new normal for Kia,” Carlton told KITV. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I’m angry.”

At this time, the Carltons say they are fed up with this issue happening across the country and have filed lawsuits against Kia Motors and Budget Rental Cars for damages, reported KITV.

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