Through a partnership between GO Rentals and a New Zealand travel organization, customers can...

Through a partnership between GO Rentals and a New Zealand travel organization, customers can now do an eco tour on the island in a Tesla.

Photo: GO Rentals

New Zealand-based GO Rentals has partnered with GOOD Travel, an organization that supports sustainability and travel.  

Earlier this year, GOOD Travel and Eco Villa launched their Go Electric Eco Tour eGuide, a free, online guidebook designed to inspire New Zealand visitors and residents to try an electric vehicle and experience sustainable accommodations and tours in the South Island.

Through the partnership with GO Rentals, it’s now possible for guests to do the eco tour in a Tesla. GO Rental’s Tesla Model 3 has about a 448 kilometers (km) range on a single charge. 

“At GO, we’re massively excited to bring a product of Tesla’s quality to market and it’s absolutely in line with our strategy to decarbonise our fleet,” said James Dalglish, chief operating officer at Go Rentals. “The partnership with the team at GOOD Travel is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our solutions to travelers that genuinely care.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated to the tourism industry that we have to work together,” said Josie Major, GOOD Travel’s New Zealand programs manager. “The resilience of our industry relies on it. Our goal with the Go Electric Eco Tour is to strengthen collaboration amongst like-minded tourism SMEs as well as to inspire Kiwis to explore our own backyard and learn from the places we visit. Ultimately, we want to show that doing GOOD, having fun, and experiencing some luxury are not mutually exclusive, and we want to create an experience that is GOOD for Kiwi tourists, businesses, communities, and our environment.”

Test drives and word-of-mouth are the main sources of information that help New Zealanders switch to electric vehicles, according to Flip The Fleet. Few travelers test drive an electric vehicle while on vacation due to range anxiety. Through an interactive online map as well as electric vehicle tips and resources, the GO Electric Eco Tour eGuide will help New Zealanders feel more comfortable to try an electric vehicle, according to GOOD Travel.

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