Sessions will cover EV-related topics, including operational challenges, legal considerations,...

Sessions will cover EV-related topics, including operational challenges, legal considerations, funding, and regulations.

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The International Car Rental Show is coming soon to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino from April 24-26, 2022. This year's conference will welcome new rental operators, feature a Latin American Meeting, and include plenty of sessions tackling the latest trends and topics relevant to today's car rental professional, plus networking opportunities to talk shop with your peers.

As many fleets are wondering how to best prepare for the new world of electric vehicles (EVs), several sessions are on the agenda to provide these insights. Make sure to sign up today to get access to the following presenters and topics!

Electric Cars Are Coming, Are We Ready?  

As society begins the shift to electric vehicles, car rental will play an active role. Where and how does car rental “plug in” to this burgeoning market? In a fireside chat format, ACRA representatives and policymakers will discuss electrification from public policy, regulatory, and funding perspectives on the federal, state, and local levels - and how ACRA is actively involved in these plans.  

Speakers: ACRA's Sharky Laguana, Gregory Scott, and others to be announced soon

Telematics, EVs, and Other Pressing Topics in Vehicle Rental Law for 2022 and Beyond 

The use of telematics and other technologies creates numerous opportunities to improve customer service, fleet maintenance and vehicle safety. There are, however, important legal issues to keep in mind, including state rental laws, privacy considerations, negligent entrustment, customer disclosures, and others. This presentation will provide an important overview of new and developing laws and legal considerations operators should consider in adopting and using telematics and other vehicle technology, such as EVs, connected cars, and AVs. 

Speakers: Wes Hurst, Polsinelli; and Leslie Pujo, Plave/Koch.

Overcoming Operational Challenges to Renting EVs 

This panel seminar will discuss how car rental companies must prepare for — and reap the benefits from — the transition to electric vehicles, both on airport and in smaller neighborhood locations. Attendees will understand infrastructure and power requirements, the role of utilities, charging station planning, updates to QTA operations, and necessary changes to the rental process in this new environment. 

Moderator: Gregory Scott. Panelists: Brandon Jacobs/Blink; Scott Anderson, Conrac Solutions; Jim East, Hertz; and Jason Kennedy, Gateway Rent A Car.

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