Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is the only web-based provider using a leader in cloud computing infrastructure, Amazon, which has multiple data centers around the world, is a pioneer in cloud computing and has been certified level 1 PCI compliant.

Bluebird is not browser-based because that can cause the following problems:

  • It is difficult to run local applications such as signature pads or DL scanners with all the features you need from a browser-based application. 
  • Many browsers are on the market today (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) and it is very hard to keep all functions within your software compatible with each of them. This leads to a lot of bug fixing to accommodate each brand of browser. 
  • The No. 1 way a system gets hacked is through a security hole in the browser. 
  • Bluebird makes use of your local client PC resources instead of routing everything through the server. This has many benefits including being able to print to any device on your local client’s network. 
  • Bluebird is able to export revenue reports and accounting information directly into Excel or a PDF file that can be saved locally on your PC.

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