Using AI technology, developers at Navotar created a Chat Bot, a solution for car rental companies to operate more efficiently, the company announced. 

Launching this month, the car rental solution providers have worked relentlessly to perfect this new technology. Navotar’s Chat Bot can be integrated into a company's website or Facebook page, and is meant to facilitate reservations.

The bot interacts with customers through a series of questions about their reservation. Questions address date, time, and location at pick-up/drop-off, as well as preferred vehicle types and special features. The reservation takes less than five minutes to complete with Chat Bot, and gets updated within the car rental management system in real time to avoid double bookings.

The Chat Bot eliminates a variety of inefficiencies that come with traditional methods of booking a car, while allowing rental companies to reach a larger market.

The process of walking into a car rental company can be too time consuming for many people, especially in today’s fast paced world. Even booking over the phone can be time consuming and frustrating, with the potential for poor connection and miscommunication to ruin a sale.

When people need to book a car quickly, perhaps due to an emergency, it would be more convenient for them to book a car on their own. All they need is a device connected to the internet, and they can book a car anywhere, anytime.