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4 Tips for Leading Through Tough Times

4 Tips for Leading Through Tough Times

During the challenges brought about by the pandemic, leaders should remember to keep their role in perspective, focus on a positive outlook of the future and their team’s strengths, and give themselves a break.

Small Car Rental Companies Pivot to New Business

Rich Guernsey, owner of Rabbit Rentals in Utah, installed keypads on the doors of his vans for...

Independent and franchised car rental companies are adjusting to new realities during the pandemic with makeshift contactless rentals, deliveries, creative car cleaning, and goodwill to competitors. While policies are relaxed, the trick is to avoid getting burned.

Personal Interaction Still Matters

One thing that is important to remember is that big money is at stake here. While we are working...

While app-based and contactless rentals have increased during this pandemic, your customers still want and need to engage at your location. How well you interact sets your business apart.

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