NuVinAir & Motormindz to Collaborate on Fleet Sanitation Solutions

Graphic: NuVinAir Global

Motormindz announced a strategic partnership with NuVinAir Global to collaborate on a suite of health and sanitation products for the fleet and rental car markets to help address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Motormindz, a global venture consultancy, partnered with NuVinAir Global, an automotive cleanliness solutions and hygienic consulting company, to assist the industry expansion of NuVinAir’s ‘“Total Health” suite of products. This includes NuVinAir’s latest product — ReKlenz-X — an EPA-approved, eco-friendly disinfectant cleaner. Solutions are currently being utilized in more than 500 auto dealerships across the United States.

“COVID revealed a critical need for highly scalable and effective, yet safe, disinfectants – developed specifically for automotive,” said Jeff Van Dongen, CEO of motormindz. “NuVinAir’s ‘Total Health’ solution enables us to solve a key consumer concern with a truly unique product, and in ways that its competitors simply can’t. As part of our extensive assessment process, we looked at eight leading-edge solutions, with NuVinAir clearly rising to the top.”

Motormindz brings together a network of more than 80 automotive and technology executive subject-matter experts focused on delivering solutions and technologies across the automotive ecosystem. 

“Every day, I speak with OEs, dealerships, and suppliers about their unique needs, and yet there is a common thread: They all want no-touch, automotive-specific cleaning solutions that work quickly and effectively on all areas and surfaces of the vehicle, and that’s exactly what NuVinAir is bringing to the industry,” said NuVinAir Chief Operating Officer Troy Blackwell who previously served in key leadership roles for AutoNation and CarMax. “Marrying NuVinAir’s expertise in patented technology and treatments with motormindz’ operational experience and discerning selection process yields a fantastic opportunity to bring our unique ‘Total Health’ offering to an entire industry, while helping OEs and Dealers protect their millions of consumers; it’s a win-win for everyone.”

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