Under the merger of the three companies into one new brand, the company says that Rentall is...

Under the merger of the three companies into one new brand, the company says that Rentall is meant to be a one-stop solution provider for all car rental operators.

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Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, Thermeon, and Navotar announced that they are merging to operate as Rentall, effective Oct. 1.

The three car rental software companies come together in a new car rental software system that combines each of their brands' expertise, according to a statement by Aspire Software, owners of the brands. Along with the name change comes new branding, including a logo and new colors.

“Not only does Rentall modernize and revolutionize our car rental software portfolio; it solidifies our commitment with our customers that we are here to stay and continue building long lasting relationships in order to become even stronger business partners for our customers,” says Rafael Mazzeo, VP and managing director of Rentall. “With Rentall, our passion to develop innovative software for all verticals of the rental industry is stronger than ever before and we look forward to having all our customers join the Rentall journey!”

The new company's announcement says it is positioned to ensure all categories of the rental industry thrive, as its umbrella of solutions will take the best of Bluebird, Thermeon, and Navotar, and give rental operators access to even more solutions.

The three companies have a combined over 100 years of experience. 

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