ICRA strives to promote a healthy and sustainable industry of independent car rental...

ICRA strives to promote a healthy and sustainable industry of independent car rental entrepreneurs, P2P carsharing operators on platforms such as Turo and Getaround, and other business advocates who support the industry.

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A new trade association has launched. The Independent Car Rental Association (ICRA) is up and running with the mission to serve as an ally for the peer-to-peer (p2p) carsharing and independent car rental market. 

The member-based association's purpose is to create awareness through promotion and a more positive image for those who rent vehicles "independently" through one or several of the independent car rental platforms, according to an announcement. ICRA plans to connect hosts, vendors, sponsors, advocates, and industry leaders together to brainstorm common business challenges and discuss relevant issues that could affect the industry.

Trent Gifford, CEO and founder, said: “Our members are providing a valuable option to rental car guests who are seeking alternatives in renting from any of the big rental car companies: our competition. Members gain valuable discounts on technology and solutions for their businesses, insurance, and consulting services for those who need help growing their businesses. We offer chapters in all 50 states currently, and will be adding chapters in Canada, Puerto Rico, and other countries and markets where our membership is expanding. Within these chapter pages on the website, our members have chapter level access to news, legislative updates, chapter events, and secure 'member only' collaboration."

ICRA also has a member app. The association is based out of Nisswa, Minnesota.

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