GO Rentals is working to ‘care and protect’ its country and take responsibility to educate and...

GO Rentals is working to ‘care and protect’ its country and take responsibility to educate and inform its customers, encouraging sustainable tourism in New Zealand.

Photo: GO Rentals

Kiwi-owned car rental company GO Rentals announced the company has become Toitū net Carbonzero recertified, measuring the greenhouse gas footprint of its business. In an effort to manage and reduce its GHG emissions, the rental operator has been validated in line with Toitū net carbonzero program requirements.    

‘’GO is committed to innovation and investing in climate action," said James Dalglish, COO GO Rentals in a statement. "We are thrilled to now be Toitū net Carbonzero recertified. It is a lengthy, robust achievement and one we do not take lightly.     

"As a company within the travel and tourism industry, this is a crucial and pioneering step forward within the car rental sector," he added. "As travel is well and truly open, there are more people travelling impacting the effect on the environment, therefore Toitū measuring our GHG emissions is extremely important. We are proud to help minimize those impacts on future travel, paving the way for generations to come.   

"Looking ahead, we are currently focused on the following projects: Reducing our shuttle and staff vehicle fuel usage by moving their vehicles to hybrid or electric, offsetting power usage with solar power by reducing the amount of electricity required from high emission sources, and reviewing and managing our recycling programs by reducing waste to landfill."

The projects GO Rentals support for Toitū are Amayo wind power project in Nicaragua, and Waipuna Bush, New Zealand.      

GO Rentals partnered with CarbonClick earlier in this year, giving customers the opportunity to offset their emissions and reduce the impact of their drive. High quality carbon offsets help mitigate climate change and lower the environmental impact of fossil fuel emissions.

The car rental company also owns a growing fleet of Teslas to further its efforts to reduce emissions.