AAA president and CEO Marshall Doney and Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr.

AAA president and CEO Marshall Doney and Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr.

Photo: The Hertz Corporation

Hertz and AAA have extended their 45-year relationship with the signing of a new five-year agreement. The relationship, which commenced in 1978 and is one of Hertz and AAA's most longstanding, provides AAA members with a suite of car rental benefits, discounted rates, and other perks which include:

  • Savings off the base rate rental.
  • No charge for additional drivers who are also AAA members.
  • Free use of one child, infant, or booster seat.
  • Young renter fee waived for members ages 20-24.
  • Access to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program, which offers additional benefits.

Hertz and AAA will continue to elevate this partnership over the next five years by creating opportunities to align on strategic initiatives, developing contemporary services and technologies, and identifying new ways to exceed member satisfaction.  

"We are proud to continue our longstanding partnership with AAA, providing members with an unparalleled suite of benefits and savings when renting from Hertz," said Stephen Scherr, Hertz CEO in a statement. "It's thrilling for two pioneering brands, both in travel and automotive, to continue our mutual commitment to delivering superior service."

In addition to the current benefits offered to members, AAA is also aligned with Hertz's commitment to electric vehicles (EVs). EVs are a top priority for AAA as it continues to expand its body of related research to understand consumer opinion, vehicle functionality, and other areas of interest. As the popularity of electric vehicles grows, AAA believes working with Hertz is another step toward expanding consumer adoption for EVs.

"Hertz is one of AAA's only exclusive relationships, and there's a reason for that," added Marshall Doney, president, and CEO, AAA. "They consistently deliver exceptional value to our members while keeping an eye on consumer trends and evolving their offerings to match those needs."

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