With the recent addition of the Tesla Model S to its exotics fleet, Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Exotic Car Collection now offers customers the option to rent an all-electric luxury vehicle. A Tesla Model S with a 60kw battery and one S with an 85Kw were added to Enterprise’s Exotic Car Collection in Southern California last week, according to Enterprise.

"The Tesla Model S is a new luxury sedan that is transforming the way the public looks at electric vehicles," said Adam Belsky, Enterprise’s group sales and marketing manager for the Exotic Car Collection in Southern California, adding that the Model S has a range of 300 miles and goes 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

According to Enterprise, the exotic collection is geared toward the consumer looking to make an experience special or wanting to try a vehicle before buying it. Because the Tesla S is on backorder to buy, customers can experience the power and technology of this luxury sedan before deciding to buy it, according to Greg Tabak, director of business sales, synergy and EV solutions at Enterprise.

Enterprise is expected to add another Tesla model to its exotic collection in the next few weeks, said Belsky.

Developed in 2006, the Exotic Car Collection offers more than 50 makes and models at 13 locations. Consumers have the opportunity to choose from luxurious coupes, sedans, SUVs and convertibles.

For more information on the Enterprise’s Exotic Car Collection, visit http://exoticcars.enterprise.com/.