Car rentals nationwide are down 80%.

Car rentals nationwide are down 80%.

Photo courtesy of Brian McGloin/U.S. Air Force.

Hundreds of unused rental vehicles are parked at the special events lots at Arizona’s Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, according to a report by USA Today. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused Arizona’s normally busy spring travel season to come to a halt.

In addition to parking at the airport’s special events lots, rental car companies are also using parking spots at the airport’s rental car center, lots on Tonto and Madison streets, the private lot at the former Phoenix Greyhound Park, and lots at Goodyear Airport to store their unused vehicles, Heather Shelbrack, Sky Harbor Airport spokeswoman, told USA Today.

“What you’re seeing at Sky Harbor is being repeated across the nation at many different airports,” Gregory Scott, spokesman for the American Car Rental Association (ACRA), told USA Today. 

Car rentals nationwide are down 80%, according to Scott. 

Another issue facing the rental car industry is the airport fee charged to companies operating at the airport. Most rental companies’ airport contracts include a guaranteed minimum on those fees – usually around 10% of their expected yearly gross revenue, according to Scott. 

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