The Finalrentals Albania location will be a women-owned business led by seasoned...

The Finalrentals Albania location will be a women-owned business led by seasoned entrepreneur Reita Hajro.

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Finalrentals continued its expansion with a new location in Albania. The partnership will serve across the nation including the city of Tirana, with services enabled for airports and city locations.

“It is refreshing to discover how the brand has grown by leaps and bounds across the world, and in the year 2022 alone we have seen 18 new countries added to Finalrentals," said Reita Hajro the business head of Finalrentals partnership in Albania in a statement. "We are so proud to bring this brand to Albania and look forward to growing it further in our beautiful and culturally rich country.”

“Whenever a women-led business joins our brand it makes me so proud that is beyond explanation and imagination, we are the most gender balanced brand and we believe in equal opportunity," added Ammar Akhtar, founder and CEO of Finalrentals. "Albania is a very special country, and we are so proud to bring Finalrentals to Albania under the strong leadership of Reita.”

Headquartered in Wales, U.K., last year Finalrentals added 18 new countries into its global network.

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