White House recognizes Hertz for its electrification efforts. - Hertz

White House recognizes Hertz for its electrification efforts.


The Biden-Harris Administration has recognized Hertz as a key company moving fleet electrification forward, reports a Hertz Tweet.

“This morning, Hertz was recognized by The White House for our efforts to expand access to electric vehicles across the country. Demand for EV rentals is growing and we are here to help our customers electrify their travels,” the Tweet proclaimed.

Hertz forecasts nearly 2 million EV rentals in 2023, approximately five times the number in 2022, according to a White House Fact Sheet announcing public and private sector investments for affordable EVs.

“The company plans to extend the electric vehicle experience to leisure and business travelers and rideshare drivers across the company,” reported the White House Fact Sheet on the Administration’s Investing in America Agenda.

The recognition follows Hertz EV expansions in two key markets in March.

  • Hertz Electrifies Denver will bring 5,200 rental EVs to the city, install public charging infrastructure, and expand EV education and training opportunities. Denver is the first city entering the new public-private initiative with Hertz.
  • Hertz Electrifies Houston will bring 2,100 rental EVs to Houston, nearly tripling its existing EV fleet in the city. In partnership with bp pulse, Hertz will also support the installation of a large, EV fast-charging hub at the Hertz location in Houston Hobby Airport.  


Hertz plans to expand its electrification efforts to cities across the country.

“Hertz is investing in the largest electric vehicle rental fleet in North America and as part of that effort, we are committed to helping communities tap into the economic and environmental benefits of electrification," said Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr in a press release.