Logo courtesy of Revv

Logo courtesy of Revv

Revv, an Indian-based shared mobility solutions platform, plans to double the coverage of its “one-way outstation self-drive product.”

The one-way service comes bundled with Revv’s standard doorstep delivery offering, giving its users the flexibility to pick up a car from anywhere in the origin city and leave it anywhere in the destination city. Users can customize the duration, route, and stopovers, according to the company.

Revv introduced this new service in May on a pilot basis. During the 10-week pilot run, the product served more than 1,000 users on both intra-state and interstate routes such as Mumbai-Pune, Bangalore-Chennai, and Bangalore-Hyderabad.

Following a positive reception to the pilot, Revv has now launched new service routes, including Delhi-Jaipur, Delhi-Chandigarh, and Hyderabad-Vizag.

“In the majority of the cases, users are booking for durations that are much longer than the standard time it takes to travel between those cities,” said Revv’s co-founders. “This indicates that they are combining intercity travel with local travel at either the origin or the destination city. The flexibility to customize the duration, combined with doorstep delivery and pickup, has been a strong draw. It lets them meet all travel requirements at both ends with a single booking, saving them additional ‘last-mile travel’ expenses unlike in a one-way cab or bus.”

“Business travelers are the target segment here, which is evident in the higher demand for this service on weekdays,” added Revv’s co-founders. “Several users have also asked for an option to share the same car with other users traveling on the same route. We are evaluating the prospects of enabling this option.”

In the last year, the average duration of the bookings of Revv’s cars has gone up from 25-30 hours to 40-50 hours, according to the company.