Image courtesy of TravelSupermarket

Image courtesy of TravelSupermarket

TravelSupermarket, a travel deal comparison website, published research showing that the Republic of Cyprus offered the lowest rate for car rentals of any global destination, at about $11.48 per day.

New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates followed Cyprus with rates of $11.65 and $12.41, respectively. Greece fell on the opposite end of the price range, at about $39.57 per day.

TravelSupermarket found rental rate disparities between cities as well. The United Kingdom was the 13th most expensive country to rent a car in, with an average cost of about $16.67 per day. Birmingham came in under the average rate at a little less than $12.26 per day, with Londonderry occupying the most expensive position at $19.76.

TravelSupermarket advises that international travelers book their vehicle rentals by researching ahead of time to have the most options at the lowest possible cost.

“Wherever you plan to hire a car, it is always worth planning ahead and booking your vehicle in advance of your departure," said TravelSupermarket Spokesperson Emma Grimster. "Not only will you get a better price than on arrival in the vast majority of cases, you will also have peace of mind that your car type of choice is confirmed and available.”