Photo via Flickr/Atomic Taco

Photo via Flickr/Atomic Taco

I.D. Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise asset management technology, announced that Avis Budget Group has begun installing its Unified Telematics Platform (UTP) on vehicles in the Avis Car Rental fleet in the United States.

Avis Budget Group will install a total of 50,000 UTP units, which effectively convert these vehicles into connected cars.

The UTP device from I.D. Systems can be easily and rapidly installed in the Avis fleet by simply plugging it into the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port standard in all modern vehicles. I.D. Systems detects the electronic signature of the vehicle, configures the device to properly monitor and interact with the vehicle, and then provides operational data and pass-through controls back to enable the Avis mobile app.  

The Avis Car Rental mobile app interacts with connected cars, allowing renters to manage their entire rental experience from their smartphone. They can choose the exact car they want, change or upgrade their vehicle while at or near the lot with a simple swipe, view their rental agreement, lock and unlock the car, and more. 

“We designed a unique and specific solution for (Avis Budget Group’s) use,” I.D. System’s CEO Chris Wolfe told Auto Rental News. “The primary drivers are business efficiency, accuracy, and the customer experience.”

“A connected platform that also communicates with the renter opens up a host of new possibilities, particularly during the journey itself,” said Arthur Orduna, Avis Budget Group’s chief innovation officer.