Photo via iStockPhoto/Karneg.

Photo via iStockPhoto/Karneg.

Avis Budget Group announced a multi-year deal that will add 10,000 Toyota vehicles to Avis Car Rental's expanding fleet of connected vehicles.

The services provided through Toyota's MSPF will benefit both Avis customers — through an enhanced and more personalized experience — and the company through improved informatics, fleet management, and operational efficiency.

Part of Avis' commitment to reinventing the car rental experience is ensuring a seamless line of communication from the connected fleet to the Avis mobile app, where travelers can access important information about their rental, change or upgrade their vehicle, locate their vehicle, and more. Since the Avis mobile app's transformative launch in July 2016, usage has grown to over one million transactions from more than 350,000 unique customers, and has increased customer satisfaction ratings by 20%.

Avis Budget Group has committed to operating a fully connected global fleet by 2020, and will have 100,000 fully connected cars in the United States this year.

As part of this effort, earlier this month, Avis Budget Group commenced installations of 50,000 Unified Telematics Platform devices, provided by I.D. Systems, more than doubling Avis Car Rental's existing fleet of connected vehicles.

Connected Toyota vehicles are expected to be available in September as 2019 vehicle models are introduced into the fleet.