<p>Photo courtesy of Mex Rent A Car.&nbsp;</p>

Mex Rent A Car has opened locations in Colombia, at the Bogotá and Medellin International Airports, along with two more city locations.

Jordi Rivero, Mex’s chief product officer, said in a press release that his group has been looking for affiliate locations within Colombia and is happy to have found partners with similar business values.

“The growth is there and both companies are ready for the challenge,” he added.

According to the company, there’s an increase on people travelling from Colombia to Mexico and vice versa. This is caused by an increase in flight frequency and updated migration laws.

Chris Reveles, Mex’s chief technology officer, said that Colombia has a plan to double the amount of tourist flow from Mexico by 2021. 

Currently, Mex Rent A Car has affiliate locations in other countries within Central America such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Panama.