Photo: Didi Chuxing

Photo: Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing is suspending its carpooling feature, called “Didi-Hitch,” for a week after a passenger was found murdered Tuesday in Zhengzhou, the capital of China’s Henan province, according to numerous reports.

The passenger, a 21-year-old flight attendant named only as “Ms. Li,” was allegedly killed by the man who was driving her. The man, a 27-year-old named Liu Zhenua, reportedly stole his father’s phone to access the app and pick up passengers, CNBC reports.

Zhenua picked Li up from the Zhengzhou Airport early Sunday morning. When her family was unable to contact her, they reported her missing Tuesday. Police discovered her body the next day.

According to the South China Morning Post, after getting into the vehicle with Zhenua, Li texted a colleague that she had “bumped into a pervert.”

“[The person] said I look rather pretty and wanted to kiss me,” the text message to the colleague is reported to have said. “Luckily, I’m not sitting in the front seat.”

In an interview with Li’s father, he said that his daughter had been stabbed 20 times and was found naked.

Zhengzhou, capital of China's Henan province. Photo: Relief/Pixabay

Zhengzhou, capital of China's Henan province. Photo: Relief/Pixabay

Police said it appears Zhenua abandoned the vehicle after the murder and jumped in a nearby river.

In a blog post on Chinese social media site Weibo, Didi announced the suspension of its service and offered a reward for any information about the man who was driving. What’s on Weibo reports that a body was recovered from the river earlier today and that police had identified it Zhenua’s.

According to Sixth Tone, in May 2016, another Didi driver was suspected in the death of a passenger in southern China.

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