Iceland, New Zealand, and Argentina came out as the most expensive countries to rent a vehicle...

Iceland, New Zealand, and Argentina came out as the most expensive countries to rent a vehicle in the report from

Iceland ranks as the most expensive country to rent a vehicle at an average of $1,383.24 per week, according to a study by, a comparison website for insurance. This price includes renting a vehicle for a week and filling it with a tank of fuel.

Iceland was followed by New Zealand, costing $1,258.34 per week to rent a vehicle. Argentina, Jamaica, and Israel complete the top five most expensive locations, with the cost of car rental ranging from $762.71 up to $1,069.66 per week for rental and fuel expenses. 

In addition to Iceland, several other European countries made the top 10 most expensive places to rent a vehicle, including Switzerland, Austria, and Ireland, where costs average over $656.41 per week, according to the study. European countries dominated the overall top 20 most expensive countries for rental cars, with 10 European destinations listed. 

The U.S. ranked No. 16 for most expensive, where it costs $604.59 per week to rent a vehicle, less than half of the cost of renting a car in New Zealand or Iceland, according to the study.

Thailand took the title for the least expensive country to rent a vehicle. On average, it costs $164.77 to rent a vehicle for a week and fuel, says the study. Following closely behind Thailand is Azerbaijan, with average weekly rental costs of $208.62, and Lebanon with costs of $244.49 for the week period.

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