Tom Brady on the set of the Hertz "Let's Go" campaign. Celebrating the future of mobility by...

Tom Brady on the set of the Hertz "Let's Go" campaign. Celebrating the future of mobility by making electric vehicle rentals fast, seamless and more accessible.

Photo: Hertz

First came the big announcement that Hertz was acquiring 100,000 Teslas to rent in the U.S. Now that Hertz has made good on that, with Teslas available to rent in some 30 markets, customers are beginning to share their experiences. One such reviewer, a Tesla owner named Frenchie, shared with CleanTechnica 10 ideas on ways to make the experience better. 

Read the full article here. Below is a summary of his tips for improving EV rental operations:

  • Allow Temporary App Access: For those without a Tesla account, not having the app means the renter is missing out on the full suite of functions.
  • Give a Personalized Welcome Message: Would be a nice touch, says Frenchie. 
  • Ensure All Cars Have The Latest Updates: But block updates during the rental period.
  • Driver Cloud Profiles: Each Tesla driver has a profile, but they don't translate to Hertz rentals. 
  • Low Battery Warning: To show that the renter might return the vehicle with less than 20% charge, which Hertz requests.
  • Pre-Loaded Pick-Up and Drop-Off Destination: Have Hertz locations as favorites for easier navigation. 
  • Tesla’s Autopilot & Full Self-Driving Options: If full self-driving isn't an option, at least include Navigate. 
  • Hertz Training on App: The renter could access videos as needed to learn about vehicle operation. 
  • More Models: Having a Model S in the fleet would allow Model 3 owners to experience a top-of-the-line Tesla.
  • Availability of EVs: Get more of them into the fleet!

“The overall experience was good, but it could certainly be improved," said Frenchie. "I put myself into the shoes of a non-EV/non-Tesla user and I felt that the process was less refined and polished than renting a traditional ICE car."

“Tesla ownership has been frictionless and enjoyable," he said. "Renting one from Hertz didn’t feel the same. It’s a glance at what owning a Tesla is but it’s definitely not the full experience.”

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