GO Rentals' GO Glamper camper trailer can be rented with a truck for towing. Photo courtesy of GO Rentals.

GO Rentals' GO Glamper camper trailer can be rented with a truck for towing. Photo courtesy of GO Rentals.

New Zealand-based GO Rentals has announced the introduction of its GO Glamper fleet of camper trailers.

The GO Glamper features a double bed, private toilet unit, kitchenette, solar-powered lighting, water tanks, and even an awning and outdoor furniture.

The entire GO Glamper fleet is certified as self-contained, an added benefit to keep New Zealand’s environment as clean as possible — in alignment with GO Rental’s Qualmark Gold status, according to the company.

“It’s well known that tourists just love self-driving holidays, and our GO Glamper is the ultimate in ease and flexibility — simply get your camper trailer set up then head off on day trips, adventures, and sight-seeing in your car without the dramas of finding a car park that suits or having to pack up every time you go somewhere,” said James Dalglish, general manager of GO Rentals.

During the product development stage, customer research into the concept was conducted with over 500 GO Rentals customers surveyed.

- Over 80% of respondents said they would be interested in hiring a GO Glamper and agreed it was an appealing option compared to a traditional campervan, while 92% said that combining rental car and accommodation hire into one booking was appealing.

- When it comes to towing a GO Glamper, 80% said they would feel comfortable despite only around half of those surveyed claiming they had experience towing behind a vehicle.

- Being able to securely leave your accommodation and explore in your car was important, with 95% agreeing that it was an advantage.

Currently, GO Glamper camper trailers are available in Auckland and Christchurch — with additional locations expected to launch in the next 12 months. A GO Glamper can be rented in combination with a GO Rentals vehicle or on its own for use with an existing car (with sufficient towing capabilities).

Launched in 1999, GO Rentals currently features a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles and has six locations throughout New Zealand.