Photo via Valerii Tkachenko/Wikimedia

Photo via Valerii Tkachenko/Wikimedia 

Russia’s Yandex launched a carsharing service in Moscow and surrounding region through the Yandex.Drive app, the company announced.

Yandex.Drive carsharing application was made available for downloading to iOS and Android in December. Currently, Yandex has a fleet of 750 vehicles, but the company said it has plans to increase that number. Carsharing is a component of Yandex geo-services.

"Carsharing has already become a portion of the transport infrastructure in many cities,” head of Yandex geo-services Roman Chernin said in a statement. “We believe therefore that our expertise and technologies in the transport sphere will contribute to its development in Russia."

The price of the per-minute car leasing via the Yandex.Drive will start from 8 cents (5 rubles) and will be driven by traffic and demand for cars. Furthermore, a fixed rate with the travel price computed in advance will be launched soon in a test mode.

All tariffs comprise the cost of gasoline, parking, and insurance.