Photo courtesy of Fetch.

Photo courtesy of Fetch. 

Fetch announced the launch of its truck-rental marketplace, a self-service rental experience that lets renters avoid all of the hassles of a traditional truck rental agency, such as waiting in line or renting a truck after hours.

For fleet owners, the Fetch marketplace provides an easy way to start or expand a truck-rental business, using the Fetch platform to manage the fleet and generate new income.

Over the past 18 months of developing the Fetch platform, the company found the following:

  • Startinga car-rental company from scratch is nearly an impossible task. Securing fleet insurance, getting vehicle financing and learning how to manage risk are all processes that can take months.
  • Managinga rental fleet isn’t overly difficult. By combining technology with a tight operations schedule, a fleet requires only a minimal amount of time to maintain.

With the new Fetch marketplace, Fetch is opening its fleet management system, automated rental process, and technology platform to any owner who wants to either build his or her own rental business or automate management of an existing fleet. 

Any owner in the United States is now eligible to list his or her trucks for rent on Fetch.

As part of the benefits for owners, Fetch will:

  • Help procure rental fleet insurance.
  • Assist with vehicle financing for quick procurement of new fleet vehicles.
  • Ship Fetch vehicle hardware, enabling remote unlocking and vehicle tracking.
  • Provide access to Fetch's fleet management system.
  • List trucks for rent on the Fetch marketplace and connect fleet operators with local renters.

By listing vehicles on Fetch, owners can earn as much as $1,500 per vehicle every month. Unlike franchises that charge exorbitant startup fees, there’s no cost to launch a fleet on Fetch, and one can instantly start generating rental income.