Photo: ReachNow

Photo: ReachNow

ReachNow, BMW’s carsharing division, will be ending its free-floating service in Brooklyn, due to a large amount of damage to vehicles and high maintenance costs.

“Despite great interest and support from the community in Brooklyn, we've decided to pivot our business model to focus exclusively on our residential fleet services in New York and end support for our free-floating carsharing service in Brooklyn,” the company announced on its website.

The last day of free-floating service in Brooklyn will be June 5.

Since memberships are for a lifetime, customers can still use ReachNow vehicle’s in other cities, such as Seattle and Portland, Ore.

While ReachNow has operated in Portland for two years already, it recently announced that it will be partnering with Intel to permanently bring its free-floating platform to the company’s four main campuses in Hillsboro.  

Intel’s 20,000 employees will have access to the shared fleet of BMW and MINI vehicles at the entrance to each of the campuses.

“Solving transportation issues takes both the public and private sector working together,” Don Odermott, City of Hillsboro transportation planning engineer, said in a statement. “When Hillsboro employers provide transportation options for employees, our entire community benefits.”

ReachNow has been piloting the Intel program for nearly six months.

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