On Thursday, April 23, at noon EDT, Auto Rental News hosted a webinar “Managing Car Rental Risks, Liability, and Legalities During a Pandemic.” It is now available for viewing

The coronavirus pandemic has forced car rental businesses to rethink employment, operations, and business models. Yet new opportunities to keep cars on the road — or ground them in unprecedented fashion — come with inherent risks and legalities to manage.

In this one-hour webinar, our panel of experts addressed:

  • Employment issues regarding furloughs, sick leave policies, and handling ill staff
  • Managing risk, insurance, and contracts when renting to new groups such as commercial customers, gig workers, and under 25 renters
  • State-to-state insurance obligations regarding parked vehicles
  • How to work with insurance carriers during this crisis
  • Regulatory issues that may (or may not) have changed as a result of the pandemic

The speaker panel consisted of: Rick Alaniz of Alaniz and Associates, LLP, a prominent labor and employment law attorney for over 40 years; Leslie Pujo, an attorney with Plave Koch specializing in vehicle use law, contracts, and franchising; and Teresa Quale, executive director of Sonoran National Insurance Group.

View the webinar here.

Staff Writer

Staff Writer